Hollywood & Associates provides strategic and operational business development, capture, and proposal support, including:
  • Proposal management
  • Proposal editing and graphic support
  • Proposal review
  • Proposal and business development (BD) process assessment and optimization
  • Capture management
  • Market entry and expansion strategy
  • Training
H&A clients generally provide professional, management, implementation, and research services to US Federal civilian agencies.

What We Don't Do

  • Stretch the truth
  • Create technical solutions
  • Pricing

Market Strategy

Knowing where your pipeline likely will grow – and where it will not – is the easiest way to more effectively use your limited BD funds. Hollywood & Associates provides market strategy development, market strategy facilitation, and pipeline assessment. Our tailored solutions for better business development enable you to move beyond current markets, current win rates, and efficiency levels.

For market strategy engagements, we begin with a review of your existing marketing materials, market strategies or account management plans (if any),and conduct staff interviews to better understand your offerings and preferred project criteria. Next, we identify 2 or 3 Federal agency components as targets of interest. Within these targets, we delve deep, creating a detailed market strategy noting hot buttons, key contacts, and potential future bidding opportunities 6-24 months prior to solicitation release.

Hollywood & Associates staff have opened doors to CIO’s offices at the US Department of Veterans Affairs and US Treasury. In addition, our staff led a thorough analysis of Global Health funding (including USAID, CDC, DoD, WB, WHO, UNAIDS, Gates, and other funders), prepared and delivered management briefings, and facilitated internal working group discussions tasked with determining a multi-year firm-wide global health strategy. For other past clients, we have also identified market blockages, uncovering why progress was not being made.

Pipeline assessments include analysis of past bid, capture, and sales data, as well as cliffs in current project loads, trends in win rates, historic and optimal pipeline funnel rates, — and the likelihood of maintaining or growing business with the current pipeline of opportunities and a reasonable number of opportunistic bids.  Our assessment provides specific recommendations for pipeline improvement to meet your organization’s goals.

Marketing materials review. Our staff will critically review your website and marketing collateral, offering recommendations for improved impact on your target client base.


Capture positions your organization as the best choice for a project long before a solicitation is released or a proposal submitted. A strong capture analyzes the situation then takes action to improve the probability of winning. Here at Hollywood & Associates, we also recognize that captures should not use more time or resources than necessary. To meet the varying needs of captures, our staff:

  • Assess the capture, providing specific recommendations on activities that could most increase your probability of winning
  • Serve as a coach to your existing Capture Manager – generally or on mutually agreed areas
  • Act as Capture Manager, working with in-house Technical Leads, Business Development, and other staff
  • Provide a review of materials or hands-on support, such as:
    • Lead collaborative client and competitive analysis (SWOT and other methods)
    • Conduct win theme development
    • Provide teaming assistance
    • Facilitate reviews and Black Hats
    • Participate in reviews
    • Provide input on pricing strategy
    • Develop and aid in implementing positioning and communication plan, and
    • Act as Black Hat competitive team leads

Hollywood & Associates has facilitated capture planning for dozens of Federal captures for awards of $500,000 to $300,000,000 at firms large and small. We have supported captures ranging from large-scale survey design and implementation to health communications, technology GWACs, major high-powered computing centers, and international development IDIQs. Our staff easily collaborates across internal systems, leading to capture win rates at one firm of more than 90%.

We also offer Real World Capture training on how to make your captures efficient and opportunity-specific.

Improving Capture Improves Win Rates

Our staff led process improvement of a firm’s capture process, making it much more effective – and saving time and dollars. Win rates dramatically increased by 9 percentage points, with awards of multiple $40-50M contracts and $100M+ IDIQs.


Hollywood & Associates works with your organization to determine the extent of services needed – what can be kept in house and where we can provide the most cost-effective assistance. We’ve supported free and open competitions, set-asides, IDIQs, IQCs, task orders, blanket purchase agreements, concept notes, oral presentations, grants, cooperative agreements, and a variety of contract types. We are also familiar with Other Transactions (OTAs).

Most clients hire us to provide a proposal manager, who manages the proposal as a high priority, quick turnaround project, coordinating with the technical/solution lead and management. Proposal management typically includes our full menu of operational support for proposals. These services are also available a la carte:

  • Managing the proposal effort
  • Participating in or leading impartial proposal reviews
  • Teaming selection and negotiations
  • Assisting with a question strategy
  • Advising on pricing strategy
  • Drafting a compliant outline
  • Creating a proposal schedule
  • Managing author assignments
  • Aiding in identification of win themes and differentiators
  • Facilitating kickoff, technical approach, and progress meetings
  • Writing or tailoring past performance, resumes, and management sections
  • Work with Subject Matter Experts to help them draft, improve, or revise sections
  • Facilitating graphic development
  • Providing input for cost narratives and supporting documentation
  • Editing
  • Incorporating comments into master documents
  • Creating final submission packages (hard copy or electronic)
  • Conducting lessons learned and client debrief sessions

We also provide graphic artist services (creation and improvement) on request.

Infrastructure support for proposals includes process review, proposal and debrief analysis, as well as scenario-based training. Proposal process analysis and recommendations leverage practical experience with small and large firms as well as proposal theory and BD-capture maturity models. Efforts have focused on specific pain points, automation tools recommendations, and overall process and win rate improvement.

Process Improvement

Business development is a critical investment in your organization’s future. Hollywood & Associates can assess how to improve effectiveness and efficiency of your business development investments targeting the Federal market.

After decades of staff experience standing up and leading turnarounds of business development, capture, and proposal teams, Hollywood and Associates now provide:

  • Pipeline and process assessments
  • Proposal and debrief analysis
  • Objective advice on the selection and customization of BD automation tools, including both off-the-shelf and in-house systems
  • Market strategy review
  • General recommendations for improvement
  • Change management planning
  • Pilot implementation support, and

This process improvement and change management work is why Hollywood & Associates was founded – to have a broader impact across Federal business development. Trained in a variety of change management methodologies, we flexibly adapt industry good practices and BD-Capture Maturity Model (BD-CMM© of the BD Institute) standards to implement what works for your organization.

We have aided clients in identifying areas for revenue growth and potential savings. We helped other clients with debrief analysis to annually track and plan for continued improvement. Yet another client co-created a plan for scaling their business development as their Federal business grows. Read more Success Stories.

“Terrific to work with – extremely capable, very knowledgeable about strategic activities, friendly, and approachable. I hope we get to work together again in the future.”

– Account Manager


Hollywood & Associates provides customized, scenario-based business development training appropriate for your culture. Our training draws upon relevant practical experience in the government market as well as applicable aspects of traditional sales methods.

Our staff have led trainings sessions at international conferences on proposal writing, capture management, strategic impact of market intelligence, and better use of competitive analysis.

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H&A training compliments your existing capture and proposal process by delving into specific problems facing many pursuit teams and offering proven solutions. Our training provides practical and proven approach to improve your win rates.

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