Work With Us

Curious about consulting? Do you dream of a little balance – just a bit here and there?  Desire more flexibility and options to work from home – so you can run more regularly or volunteer with your child’s Scout troop? Or are you easing into retirement but want to stay engaged in Federal BD?
We are always looking for more great consulting talent to meet our clients’ needs.

Send Us Your CV if You:

  • Bring at least ten (10) full years of experience working on US Federal procurement pursuits
  • Are great at what you do
  • Have worked at multiple organizations during your career

Be sure to note:

  • Any consulting experience (internal to a firm or as a consultant)
  • Examples of adaptability and flexibility
  • Different corporate cultures where you’ve worked
  • What volume of work you are interested in (e.g., basically full-time or occasional gap-filling — or somewhere in-between)

For qualified candidates, we’ll follow up with a request for an interview.  We look forward to talking with you!

Send Us Your CV


Do I have to exclusively work with H&A?

No. Most of our consultants also consult with their existing client base or one other consulting team (generally focused on DoD bids).

Why consult in the first place?

  • Flexibility – the biggest benefit there is.

  • Take on one or two proposals at a time, rather than 2-5 pursuits.

  • Work with some seriously amazing, smart, and talented people.

  • Learn from each other and our clients on every engagement.

  • Don’t worry about invoicing and bookkeeping – just send your timesheet and pay your taxes.  We encourage all consultants to maintain health insurance and disability coverage.

Do you offer benefits?

For consultants with more than 500 hours on H&A projects in a year, we provide a bonus of $250 in continuing education expense reimbursement. This could include reimbursement of relevant conference fees, online learning, coursework, or books.

As is common in the industry, consultants are responsible for their own healthcare, life and property insurance, short-term and long-term disability coverage, unemployment, and tax payments.  H&A carries Errors and Omissions and corporate liability coverage.