Trainings & Courses

Hollywood & Associates training compliments general capture and proposal instruction by delving into specific problems facing most pursuit teams today and offering proven solutions. Spend a day with us and learn how to make a difference for your firm in the coming year.
Course offerings are listed below. Customized courses tailored to the needs of your organization are available; many clients prefer to offer our courses in house to allow for more open discussions among participants.
Courses run either half day or full day and are eligible for APMP CEU credit. Contact for more information.

Accolades from Workshop Attendees

“Hollywood & Associates provided a clear template and plan of action to take our proposals to the next level. I would highly recommend this to others.”

“The speaker was very knowledgeable and gave great suggestions and ideas.”

“This course boiled down the most important principles of [longer classes] into a very tight and cost-effective one-day seminar.”

Course Descriptions

Persuasive Proposal Writing: A Proven Approach to Improve Your Technical Evaluation

We were recently challenged to substantially raise the technical score on a strategic bid without changing our technical approach. Our solution: Significantly change how we present our proposal. We researched how evaluators really score proposals, then aligned our writing process accordingly.

Join us in this hands-on workshop, and we’ll teach you all you need to know to apply this proven technique on your next proposal or capture.

Audience: Proposal writers, proposal managers, capture managers, technical writers, others involved in business development and their managers

Incumbent vs. Challenger: Who Has the Edge?

Move beyond the basics in this training where you will find out why incumbency is a double-edged sword, and what you must do to ensure a win. Using a case study approach, you’ll develop specific strategies to mitigate each of the top seven reasons why incumbents lose. For example, how can you use your information advantage to put the focus on best value and not lowest price?

Or learn how the advantage shifts to challengers who can replicate the incumbent’s strengths, solve the incumbent’s weaknesses, eliminate client concerns about transition, and create a compelling reason to change. For example, how do you compensate for the incumbent’s information advantage? How do you offer innovation without introducing risk?

Join us in this hands-on workshop and learn to apply these proven techniques on your next proposal or capture. An electronic toolkit will make it easy for you to apply the principles back on the job. Take a deliberate approach to win your recompetes. As challenger, make informed bid/no bid decisions when trying to unseat a competitor incumbent, and increase your probability of winning those opportunities you bid.

Audience: Capture managers, account managers, proposal managers, others with a business development role, project managers, technical writers

Real World Capture

In today’s reality of tighter budgets and shortened deadlines, we rarely have the time or resources to conduct a full-blown capture, yet many of our competitors do.  How do you effectively compete during the critical capture phase when time and/or resources are tight?  How do you decide which steps are essential, and which you can cut without jeopardizing your chances of winning? Is price-to-win enough or do you need to focus on positioning with the client?  What choices should you make?

Learn how to tackle these challenging questions using several case studies. Leave with confidence that you can customize a realistic capture plan that will win bids in today’s real world.

Audience: Capture managers, technical leads/project managers, account managers, business developers, and management teams of small, medium, and large organizations competing for federal dollars

Practical Proposal Management: A Collection of Lessons Learned

Every bid team faces challenges along the path from kickoff to proposal submission. Have your teams struggled with:

  • Technical writers who do not follow your compliance matrix.
  • Win themes that fall flat.
  • A weak executive summary written at the last minute
  • Insistence that there is no room for graphics.
  • A schedule that regularly includes work on nights, weekends, and holidays?

If so, join us to learn our best tips for preventing, or overcoming, these challenges gathered through 45 years of collective experience – and increase your value to your organization.

Audience: Proposal managers and coordinators

New Trainings

Coming in early 2020:

  • 22 Uses for Your Compliance Matrix
  • Key Personnel: A Key to Federal Awards
  • Market Intelligence: What to Buy, What to Do?
  • Account Management for Non-Sales Teams

Basic Proposal Training
If you are looking for proposal basics, we recommend you explore webinars from our friends at Faunce Associates (link coming soon!) and Shipley Associates.