Market Strategy

Business development is a critical investment in your future. You need a plan to help you use your financial and talent resources wisely – to understand the competitive landscape, know your customers, and choose business opportunities that complement your capabilities and keep you on a path toward future growth.

Hollywood & Associates can help you create – and implement – a plan that maximizes your strengths in the marketplace.  We can help you by:

“Terrific to work with – extremely capable, very knowledgeable about strategic activities, friendly, and approachable. I hope we get to work together again in the future.” - Account Manager/Client

  • leading or facilitating the creation of market strategies.
  • analyzing the current state of your federal market strategy and business development systems and providing specific recommendations for improvement.
  • conducting pipeline analysis, to identify areas for revenue growth and potential savings.
  • identifying opportunities and aiding in initial engagement strategy.
  • offering objective advice on the selection and customization of BD automation tools, including both off-the-shelf and in-house systems.

As a courtesy to industry, we have included our listing of Market Research Resources 2014, as presented by Christy Roach Hollywood at APMP BidCon 2014.