Bids are most often won or lost during the capture phase.  With a good capture in place, by the time an RFP hits the street, you should:

“Christy brings great organizational skills to the sometimes chaotic world of business development.  Her ability to break a project down into manageable steps is central to that core competency of accountability/delivering on results.” - Capture Client

  • Know what the client is looking for, what they want to spend, and what’s currently happening with their department/agency/division.
  • Clarify how you can meet the government’s requirements and what experience you have to offer.
  • Determine your bid strategy, work to shape the solicitation to meet the client’s needs and improve probability of win.
  • Arrange for internal resources devoted to the effort, both pre-solicitation and post-award.
  • Structure a winning team.
  • Position and test messaging externally with the client and stakeholders.

Hollywood & Associates will help you to manage the capture process seamlessly.  We provide coaching, support, and objective advice during individual capture efforts.  Our team also assesses ongoing or past captures to identify gaps and areas where you can make more effective use of limited resources.