About Us

Our clients face common BD dilemmas.

  • Maybe you didn’t start out with a plan or a process for business development.  Your systems have evolved organically, but without any underlying structure or planning.  Maybe such chaotic tactics have worked in the past, but you’re starting to see that it’s not terribly effective or efficient.  How can you standardize BD processes without damaging creativity and staying flexible?
  • You have a great roster of current clients, but you’re not sure how you’ll replace projects when they end – especially because your best staff members are currently billable and don’t have the time to focus on business development.
  • You’re losing bids that you should have won. Even worse, you’re losing bids you now realize you never should have bid on in the first place.  This needs to be fixed – and fixed now.  But how?
  • Your team is constantly being asked to perform heroics and pull all-nighters to win new work. You worry that your best technical, proposal, and BD staff may burn out and leave for greener pastures. How can you keep up the pace without overwhelming your staff – or your budget?

“Rallied the group to not only complete the pilots to meet [division] objectives but also believe in the new process improvements.”—Technical Director, Large Business

We can help.  Hollywood & Associates was founded to meet the short- and mid-term needs of government contractors for business development process improvement and operational support.  We create tailored solutions for better business development that enable you to move beyond current markets, improve win rates, and get the most out of your BD investment.