2015 Public Workshops Announced

  • Christy Hollywood
  • January 4, 2015
  • Training

All too often, we talk to firms that struggle with the same issues:

  • How can we convince our staff to integrate win themes into a technically complex, page-limited bid?
  • If we can’t undercut the incumbent dramatically on price, we don’t stand a chance of unseating them at this agency. Do we?
  • Mid-size and small firms like ours can’t afford to do capture like the big boys, so how can we compete and win?
  • I understand the proposal process, but it’s too cumbersome for my firm. Management won’t use compliance matrices, participate meaningfully in reviews, refuses to include graphics, buys tools but won’t give us time to use them, et cetera.

In response, Hollywood & Associates has crafted a training series that provides practical and proven approaches to improve your win rates. Our training compliments existing capture and proposal process overviews by delving into specific problems facing most pursuit teams today, and offering proven solutions. Spend a day with us and learn how to make a difference for your firm in the coming competitive year! Courses will be offered in early November at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner, VA. If you prefer in-house training at your facility or customized offerings, contact us at info@hollywoodassoc.com for more information.

Hollywood & Associates 2015 Course Offerings

  • Persuasive Proposal Writing: A Proven Approach to Improve Your Technical Evaluation
  • Incumbent vs. Challenger: Who Has the Edge?
  • Real World Capture
  • Practical Proposal Management: A Collection of Lessons Learned

Attendees will receive a soft-copy toolkit to share with their team back at the office, enabling them to use lessons learned on active captures and proposals.  All courses run from 9am to 4pm, include breakfast and lunch, and are eligible for 3 APMP CEUs.  Locations include The Tower Club in Tysons Corner and metro-accessible classrooms in Alexandria and Bethesda. For more information and registration links, check out our Training page.