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On October 3rd, join us for a free webinar to learn how to use proposal processes that empower winning. Learn how to better prepare and respond to solicitations more consistently. Register at: Read more »

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” – Buckminster Fuller

Word of mouth from past clients and colleagues serves as our advertising. In addition to providing consistently high levels of service, we strive to maintain… Read more »

Washington, DC has a long history of jazz – from Duke Ellington on U Street to acclaimed Kennedy Center performances. In jazz, there are musical rules, keys, and other conventions followed. Within those rules, the… Read more »


Market Strategy

Create and implement a Federal market strategy that makes the most of your organization's capabilities and positions you for strong future growth. Find out more...


Most bids are won before a solicitation is released. From teaming support to competitive positioning, from solution and pricing strategy to win theme development to capture coaching, we can help increase your probability of win. Find out more...


Create winning proposals with an efficient support tailored to your needs, whether targeting contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements. Find out more...


We have crafted training that provides practical and proven approaches to improve your win rates. Our training compliments existing capture and proposal process overviews by delving into specific problems facing most pursuit teams today and offering proven solutions. Find out more...